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The project team for the proposed Cloghercor wind farm has extensive experience in the design, construction and operation of wind energy projects. We are committed to mobilising our experience to ensure we meet our stated aim of creating wind projects which are good for Ireland, good for the local communities and good for the environment.

Our Community Liaison Officers are available to speak with local residents and community members in order to ensure information is readily available and any queries or questions are recognised and responded to in a transparent and efficient manner.

Please get in contact if you have any suggestions as to how you feel we can best facilitate or tailor the proposed project’s communications to suit you best.

(021) 422 3677 or 086 066 4577
Cloghercor Windfarm Project, Floor 5, City Quarter, Lapps Quay, Cork City, Ireland

If you have a non-project query relating to Coillte site activities, please email


James Dineen
Lead Project Manager

James Dineen is Ørsted's Project Manager for the proposed Cloghercor Wind Farm project. James brings extensive experience in renewable energy development having worked in the sector for 10 years.

Sean Doherty
Community Liaison Officer

Sean Doherty is the Community Liaison Officer for the proposed Clogherachullion Wind Farm project. A native of Donegal, Sean is an experienced forestry manager and was involved in the planting of the Clogherachullion forest site.

John Boyle
Community Liaison Officer

John is a Community Liaison Officer for the proposed Cloghercor Wind Farm. He is a dual-language speaker, and is happy to communicate with members of the community as Gaeilge.